Mens Gloves Fitness Workout Glove with writwrap for Lifting Pullup trainging Weightlifting Work oit Protection Leather Weight Hand Globe Cross fit pullups glive with Comfortable Grip (Whit,M)

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Mens Gloves Fitness Workout Glove with writwrap for Lifting Pullup trainging Weightlifting Work oit Protection Leather Weight Hand Globe Cross fit pullups glive with Comfortable Grip (Whit,M)

Mens Gloves Fitness Workout Glove with writwrap for Lifting Pullup trainging Weightlifting Work oit Protection Leather Weight Hand Globe Cross fit pullups glive with Comfortable Grip (Whit,M)

  • ENHANCED GRIP – The flexible neoprene gym gloves feature reinforced silicone-padded palms to improve your grip strength and control over lifting dumbbells, barbells and free weights.
  • STABILITY WRAPS – Each glove also features an attached, adjustable wrist wrap to improve comfort and reduce hand tension while doing curls, chin ups, pull ups or other bodybuilding exercises.
  • REDUCE INJURIES – The best cross training gloves for WODs, weightlifting and overall fitness, the breathable neoprene helps reduce sweat to keep hands dry and free from calluses and sores.
  • VERSATILE USES – Great for standard cross training and powerlifting workouts, these WOD gloves are also great for home gyms, rope climbing, and other indoor/outdoor exercises.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION – ProFitness workout gloves are designed to be functional, comfortable and easier on your hands. If you don’t find all three attributes fit our gloves, return them within 60 days for a full refund.

Get a firm grip on improving your fitness with premium workout gloves from ProFitness A good workout requires dedication, effort and the right pair of gloves. That’s because protecting your hands when you’re lifting, doing pushups or pulling a drag rope is important for reducing calluses, sores and damaged skin. Get yourself a pair of ProFitness Workout Gloves and you’ll not only keep your hands safer, you’ll reduce stress and tension on your fingers, wrists and joints. Stronger Wrist Support

List Price: $ 17.95

Price: $ 17.95

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  • Anonymous

    6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    I really do enjoy these gloves, July 23, 2018
    Tori K

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I really do enjoy these gloves, and the material seems sturdy and worth the price! The company that makes these are great, and the customer service is even better. The only issue I have is that the sizing is a little odd, but nothing I can’t work with. I got a small, but my hands are a little odd on the measurement scale. I was in between a small and x-small; the fingers and wrist fit perfectly, but the palm of my hand is a little too big. These are my first pair of lifting gloves, so I’m fine with this but I do wish the palm was a bit smaller! Noting this, I would suggest people that are in the middle of a size to go with the smaller size if you want them to fit a little more snug.

    Other than this, I am quite pleased with the purchase!

  • Anonymous

    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Outstanding Product, And Outstanding Customer Service, September 23, 2018
    Antonio (San Diego, CA USA)

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: ProFitness Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support Non-Slip Palm Silicone Padding to Avoid Calluses | for Weight Lifting, WOD, Powerlifting & Gym Workouts | Ideal for Both Men & Women (Misc.)
    These gloves provide all the protection you need, while maintaining the feel of a natural grip (a very important balance when you train with serious weight).
    I was a bit skeptical at first because my whole life I had been using gloves that wrap your entire hand (and not just the palms), but these gloves are the best I’ve ever had.
    I was also skeptical about the microfiber material, because all good gloves I had in the past were made of leather, and I didn’t believe anything other than leather could protect your hands when using serious weight. Even the first time I held these gloves I was very unsure if something that felt like fabric would protect my hands as effectively as leather, but let me tell you: I do sets of 20 kettlebell swings with 100 and 125 lb kettlebells, and with these gloves, my palms have not been hurt at all. I’ve also done a couple sets of 20 pull ups and toe-to-bars on a bare, stainless steel bar, without any issues. Finally, I have done several sets of clean-and-presses with kettlebells weighting up to 45 lbs, with no pain or damage to my palms whatsoever (and for all these exercises, my grip feels as natural as not wearing a glove at all).
    I also like to keep my training as natural as possible and don’t care much for “wrist support.” If you are concerned about these gloves hindering your wrists’ range of motion, let me assure you that doesn’t have to be an issue: all you have to do is flex your wrist (palm facing away from you) as you wrap the strap around your wrist, and you will have a natural range of motion while having all the palm protection.
    Just in case you are still having any doubts, I want to say that in my experience, the manufacturer has some of the best customer service I have seen anywhere. It seems that when I first ordered this product, I was sent a defective pair, because one of the gloves began to tear (at only one spot) before long. Using information in a card that came with the gloves, I contacted the manufacturer telling them about my issue. Soon I received replies from two very fine people (Jenn and Narb) offering to send me a new pair (no cost, no hassle). Within a couple days, the new pair arrived in the mail. I have been using the gloves almost every day, for over a month, doing exercises like the ones I describe above, and the gloves still look good as new – I can tell they’re going to last for at least a couple years.
    In short, if you are looking for a pair of gloves that gives you the best protection while feeling like wearing nothing, this is your product right here. No need to look further, this is what you are looking for.
  • Anonymous

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Traded one “minus” for another, October 7, 2018
    Phil R

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I ordered these to replace a tired set of workout gloves without wrist support. I use the gloves exclusively for weight lifting and my old ones would cause the backs of my hands to sweat. I saw these “backless” gloves and thought I’d give them a try. I quickly realized I’d just traded one hot area for another. The wrist supports wrap TWICE around the wrist and generate a lot of heat. Half way through my first workout I cut the wrist wraps in half so they only wrapped once around, but still my wrists were uncomfortably warm. The bulky wrist area also interferes with using wrist straps for lat pulls. Now I have to find new old-style gloves cuz these are going in the trash. I realize they’re labelled Cross Training gloves so maybe good for other purposes – not great for lifting though IMO.

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