Multi Source Protein (Chocolate, 1.8 pounds)

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Multi Source Protein (Chocolate, 1.8 pounds)

Multi Source Protein (Chocolate, 1.8 pounds)

  • Great Lakes Bodybuilding Co’s Multi Source Protein was created to be a versatile supplement. It contains 10 different types of protein in order to lengthen the rate of absorption. From fast absorbing Whey Isolate which your body absorbs almost immediately, to Casein protein, which can take up to 6 hours to fully digest.
  • With one product you kick start your muscle recovery right away, while knowing that your shake will benefit you for hours afterwards. You train hard in the gym every time you go, and that is why we work hard to bring you the best supplements that we can.
  • You deserve a protein that you can feel good about purchasing. 5% of every purchase made from Great Lakes Bodybuilding Co goes to help military charities. Our mission is to help fit people and our service men and women at the same time.
  • Multi-Source Protein features 24 grams of protein in each 34 gram scoop with only 1.5 grams of fat and 1 gram of sugar. It also contains L-Isoluecine, L-leucine, L-Arginine, L-Valine, and L-Glutamine.
  • Tip: for a muscle building boost in your protein shake, pair this product with a serving of GLBC Creatine. For a delicious twist, add a scoop of real peanut butter to your shake before you mix it. It will add high-quality calories that you body needs to perform it’s best and recover properly, along with added protein and fiber. Plus, it’s delicious.

Protein is seen as the essential supplement for building muscle. By supplementing with protein you can supply your muscles with the essential amino acids that your muscles require to grow. GLBC Multi Source protein delivers a powerful blend of premium proteins which contain the perfect combination of BCAAs you need to support lean muscle mass and maximize your training.

List Price: $ 34.99

Price: $ 29.99

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