Swimming Goggles and Cap + Ear Plugs + Nose Clip + Goggle Case by Neptune Swim

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Swimming Goggles and Cap + Ear Plugs + Nose Clip + Goggle Case by Neptune Swim

Swimming Goggles and Cap + Ear Plugs + Nose Clip + Goggle Case by Neptune Swim

  • CERTIFIED BY ELITE SWIMMING TRAINERS: Neptune Swim’s new and improved nose bridge is made from an enhanced soft rubber that will make your nose feel comfortable. You won’t feel a pain even when you swim for hours
  • TWO BONUS USEFUL GIFTS : A resistant protective case so you can store your swimming gear. A spare quick fit buckle to get a perfect and secure fit with the goggle straps
  • YOUR NOSE AND EARS COMPLETELY SEALED: Most Swimming Nose Clips are too tight and they can be very painful. But not this one! Neptune Swim Nose Clip has a perfect design that will feel very soft on your nose, even under water where pressure is more intense. So wear it for hours and use the Earplugs, too, for your total protection
  • KEEP YOUR HAIR DRY: The water of swimming pools is full of sanitizing chemicals that can damage your hair. But if you wear our Swim Cap, your scalp will be protected! The Underwater Cap is made with silicone and it is, therefore, elastic and easy to wear and remove. No matter the size of your head and the length of your hair, the elastic Cap will cover everything and keep you dry
  • A 100% SAFE PURCHASE: Your satisfaction matters to us. For this reason we offer you a money back guarantee. So get your very own complete Swimming Set, go to the sea or to a swimming pool and try it out. Is there something you don’t like? Do you feel like it was not worth the money? We highly doubt it. But if you are not satisfied let us know and we will refund you!

Neptune Swim’s Swim Goggles Will Help You See UnderwaterAre you going for a swim? Don’t forget to get the bag with the Swimming Goggles! It will make swimming so much easier and more enjoyable.Whether you go to the beach or to a swimming pool, the Swim Goggles will protect your eyes and help you see underwater.And thanks to their anti-fog technology, the lenses will always be clear and you won’t have to constantly take them off to clean them.Wear The Swim Cap And Keep Your Hair Dry And SoftHave

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