Harbinger Pro FlexClosure Wash & Dry Glove (Black, Medium)

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Harbinger Pro FlexClosure Wash & Dry Glove (Black, Medium)

Harbinger Pro FlexClosure Wash & Dry Glove (Black, Medium)

  • Double leather palm for durability and feel on bar
  • Open cell foam palm and finger cushioning
  • ½ finger length
  • Fully adjustable wrist closure
  • Wrap-around thumb protection

The 143 Men’s Pro Gloves have been updated with new palm and wrist closure designs. Featuring double leather palms to protect the hands with ½ finger length to increase contact with the grip surface while not losing touch with the bar. The fully adjustable wrist closure gives a custom fit, while the wrap-around thumb protection offers more coverage. These gloves can be washed by hand and air dried.

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Price: $ 13.50

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  • Arthur Bradley “Arthur Bradley”

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    Comparing gloves (4 types), October 15, 2009
    Arthur Bradley “Arthur Bradley” (Eastern USA) –

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    Boy have I had a hard time finding a pair of weight lifting gloves! My previous ones were simple leather Saranac gloves, not much padding but they lasted for several years. The leather eventually rotted out forming huge holes. But I can definitely say that the Saranac gloves were awesome.

    Now onto the replacement. I tried four different types of gloves.

    Harbinger 143
    Harbinger 1260
    Harbinger 1215 Big Grip II
    GoFit Diamond-Trac

    The Harbinger 143 gloves were OK. They didn’t have too much padding, but fit very snug and were difficult to get off. Also, the fingers were short.

    The Harbinger 1260 and 1215 were both unusable due to having too much padding in the palm and knuckle area. The padding is comfortable for pressing exercises (e.g. bench press), but makes it all but impossible to do pulling exercises (e.g. pull ups, curls, deadlifts, rows, etc.). You can try them yourselves, but save some money and take my word for it.

    The GoFit Diamond-Trac gloves are the best of the bunch for my needs. They have a little padding in the palm, but not enough to interfere with your grip. They are lightweight, so I’m not sure how long they’ll last, but I’ll reserve judgment on that. They do make my hands sweat, because the neoprene on the back doesn’t seem to breathe well. They run a little larger in size than the other gloves. Also, I like that they have a finger tab to help you pull off the gloves.

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  • Kevin Hung

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    Ideal weightlifting gloves, January 17, 2007
    Kevin Hung (Parsippany, NJ USA) –

    I’ve gone through several gloves over the years(whether from wear and tear or just losing them) and I’ve got to highlight these as quality gloves.

    Weightlifting gloves don’t always cover up to the middle of the fingers, so calluses form in the middle even if the bottom of the fingers don’t. These glove-fingers cover up just past this section of the finger when the hand is flexed.

    Also, the light breathable back limits the heat buildup from heavier gloves. Wrist wraps have never actually protected my wrists, if you can’t keep your wrists straight, a wrist wrap sure as hell won’t be enough to hold it for you. The marginal benefit does not justify the presence of wrist wraps and they’re thankfully absent from this glove.

    The leather here is soft,flexible, and PROPERLY PLACED. Avoid the other Harbinger lifting glove models at all costs, the padding seam in the thumbsection is driven straight into the bone, whereas this pad’s seam runs smooth. Another nice feature is that unlike my other gloves, the material doesn’t shrink in the wash, so it can be tossed into the laundry instead of having to be handwashed like most gloves. (And you need to wash lifting gloves since gyms are horrendously bacteria-ridden, in addition to the odor).

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